Battery Disposal - Houston, TX

Used(Alkaline, Rechargeable, Lead Acid, Laptop, Phone, Car) Battery Disposal Services & Companies in Houston, TX

Bodner Metal (Car Batteries)
Location – 3660 Schalker Drive Houston, Texas
Zip code 77026

Radio-Shack (Nicad, Recharge Batteries)
Location – 1502 Washington Ave, Houston, TX
Zip code 77007

Advance Auto Parts
Location – 909 Telephone Rd Houston, TX
Zip code 77023

Kubiac Recycling
Location – 1543 Telephone Rd, Houston, TX
Zip code 77023

Location – 1200 McKinney Street, Suite 391 Houston, TX
Zip code 77010

Location – 1919 Taylor St Houston, TX
Zip code 77007

Battery Disposal tips.

Tips for battery disposal: When you want to dispose your used battery, never dispose of batteries by fire, or don’t store batteries in bags, pockets, or near sharp objects to avoid leaks and explosions. Moreover, you shouldn’t store old and new batteries together, or mix different types of batteries, or store large quantities of used batteries together in case because they have power leftover. There are some of tips for disposal of battery, make sure you manage them by safety and we suggest you to call battery recycling center because they can help you too much.